Joseph Triplett

Event Planning   Part of being an effective Las Vegas Event Planner is listening intently to your needs.  The job entails more than just organizational skills; it requires people skills.  Knowing the right questions to ask, and being able to find solutions for your requests that fit your budget, is probably the hardest part of the job. Fortunately, we've had a lot of experience in Las Vegas event planning, and we're here to make the process of planning your event as smooth & enjoyable as possible (as possible being the key word ;-) ) It all starts with a conversation.  You tell us what you need, and your budget, and we consult on the best way to achieve your vision. You can contact us right now to setup an appointment.  
Portrait Booth What is a Portrait Booth? A Portrait Booth is a professional photography studio that we setup at your event.  We use it to take studio-quality portraits of you and your guests. This is not to be confused with a plain ol'  Las Vegas Photo Booth, which is usually just a box, connected to a webcam that takes small, low-quality photos. For a Portrait Booth, you get: Professional Photographer (not a box) Studio Lighting Pro-level HD camera Custom Backdrops Photo Prints on-location  (optional) Touchups & Airbrushing   [caption id="attachment_97" align="alignleft" width="150"] Greenscreen Portrait Booth[/caption] Greenscreen Portrait Booth One of our more popular requests; we put a "Live" background image of your choice behind your guests' photo (like the TV weather guy). This is a fun & extremely entertaining option, usually selected by party planners that want a fun theme (Halloween party, birthdays, etc.). Studio Portrait Booth You get the same high-quality photos that you would get in a normal studio.  The difference is, we bring the Studio to you.  This option is usually selected for formal events (weddings, proms, business conventions, etc.).  
Reservations & Quote Please note that we are usually booked in advance, but we will do our best to accommodate your event if we have an opening. Please use the form below to tell us a little about: Your Budget (if possible) Date & Time (if possible) Your Event location & Needs Any special notes or requests for your Event. We will get back to you with any follow-up questions, and get you an official Quote based on our fair & transparent hourly-billing. (or email us directly at [email protected])  (you can reach Scott at (702) 327-3910 but email is preferred).
Professional Videography & Video Editing Need a Professional Las Vegas Videographer For Your Event? Our Videographer Professionals are well-trained, and have extensive experience in filming & editing: Weddings Parties Corporate Conventions & Meetings Bar & Bat Mitzvahs School Dances & Functions and More   Tired of videographers walking around during your ceremony? We are the first event company in Las Vegas to offer wireless remote cameras to cover all the action, without ruining the sanctity of your ceremony. Until now, this technology was reserved for big budget sporting events & concerts; But we listened to customers' complaints about "too many people walking around", and we came up with an affordable wireless camera solution to meet your video needs.  
Event Photography Although there are many photographers for hire, finding an affordable Las Vegas Event Photographer  for your wedding, party, or event can be quite a challenge. We specialize in capturing your most precious moments on film using high-quality cameras, and well-trained Professional Photographers.   And we do it all at an affordable & fair hourly price.  Unlike other Las Vegas photographers, we will not charge you a huge package price where you have no idea what you are paying for.     Photography Service Features: A Professional Photographer A Backup Pro Photographer (if needed) Post-Editing & Color-correction of the photos All the final-cut, best digital copies Prints upon request Along with that, our Las Vegas Photographers use the latest Canon & Nikon DSLR cameras, so you can be sure that your photos will be of the highest quality. We do all Events: Weddings Parties Corporate Meetings & Conventions Bar & Bat Mitzvahs School Dances & functions and More Check out a few of the sample shots below to see the amazing imagery our Professional Photographers are capable of:
Event & Party Decoration We've partnered with a  very reputable Las Vegas Party Decoration company that does great work at affordable pricing.  They do both big & small events and are experts at staying within budget. Please note that although we partner with them on projects, they will be working directly with you, and they will bill you as a  wholly separate company. However, we wouldn't recommend them if they weren't the best at what they do. Contact us for details.
Decorative Lighting Need Decorative Lighting to Brighten up Your Event? One of our most popular trending requests is for ambient Decorative Lighting that matches the mood or color scheme of the event. You'd be amazed at how the proper use of light can turn an event from mediocre to marvelous. We offer state-of-the art LED lighting & Lasers that can be tailored to fit the color & mood of your event.  In addition, our lights & lasers have wireless capability that can be choreographed with the music being played. Here are a few example requests we've seen: Brides requesting room lighting to match decoration & bridesmaid dress colors Business execs wanting convention lighting that matches the company colors Party planners wanting ambient room lighting to set the mood Clients wanting all-around room lighting that is choreographed to the DJ music You will be assigned a Lighting Pro that will meet with you ahead of time to go over the perfect colors,  layout, and light choreography to match your event.  This same Lighting Pro does all the setup & maintenance at the event to ensure that everything goes according to plan.  
Las Vegas Master of Ceremonies (MC) If you're reading this sentence, there's a pretty good chance that you're in need of a Las Vegas MC.  Well I'm happy to tell you that you're at the right place.  Having the right MC hosting your event is likely one of the hardest parts about planning your event.  First off, it's pretty difficult to find an MC in Las Vegas.  And even if you find one, half of them sound like Mickey Mouse, and other half charges rates so high, they might as well be boxing ringside announcers. "LLLLLET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE.........your budget". I'm not a mind-reader, but I'm pretty sure you want an MC with the following characteristics: A radio-quality voice of gold Witty & sharp Professional Professionally-dressed Doesn't cost an arm & a leg (just an arm) Smells nice Fortunately, our in-house MC Dave, has all of these characteristics, and he only charges an affordable arm (not the leg). As long as he's available (he does get busy), he'd be happy to host your event & impress your guests with his voice of gold.
Professional DJ & Equipment Looking for a Professional DJ in Las Vegas? If you're reading this, then it's likely that you are searching for a professional Las Vegas DJ .  For over 10 years, clients like you have trusted us to rock their events.  That means keeping up-to-date with the latest DJ technology & training.  With over $50,000 of professional DJ equipment & software, our goal is to make your dance floor an amazing experience that your guests will never forget (and we're affordable too). Our Resume includes: Weddings Debuts & Quinceaneras Corporate Events & Meetings Bar & Bat Mitzvahs School Dances & Functions and More We work closely with you to build your perfect Playlist and Program Schedule; and we maintain a catalog of the latest hit songs, just in case you allow your guests to request songs. Please see the video & photos below to get an idea of the amazing Dance Floor experience we can bring to your event:
Our Rates   Professional Services at Affordable Rates We'd like to think that the reason we're always so busy is because we provide professional services at affordable rates. Some of our clients also like that we give fair & transparent Hourly Billing instead of hidden Package Pricing.  We just think it's the honest way to do business, and we want you to know exactly what you are getting and how much you are paying for it.   Our standard hourly rate is $18/hr per Professional.   Are You On A Budget? Let us know, and we will work with you to tailor the right amount of equipment & professional staffing to fit into your budget. Some Advice If you're not sure if we're the right fit for you, please keep in mind that our main clientele are people (planning both small & large events) that want well-trained Professionals with pro-level equipment to make their event one-of-a-kind & memorable.   FAQ's  & Notes Below 1. How Does Your Hourly Billing Work? Our standard hourly rate is $18/hr per Professional.  Total hours may include: Pre-meetings & rehearsals (usually only for big events) Equipment setup & tear-down time Post-editing (photo & video) Equipment wear & tear surcharge (minimal) Requested materials surcharge (only for special requests) That's it.  No other hidden charges, taxes, or tipping expected. *Transportation time is waived for Las Vegas & Henderson (other areas to be discussed).  *Materials surcharges can include the cost for printing Photos, if you request this option.  This cost usually arises for Portrait Studio (Portrait Booth) or for requested Event Photo Printouts.  These costs are for the ink & special printing paper used to provide printouts. 2. What is Setup & Tear-Down Time? When we do an event, we do it right.  This means pro-level equipment to impress your guests, and a lot of it.  This  can also mean a longer Setup & Tear-Down time, but we feel it's worth the extra effort to make your event amazing & memorable. In addition, our policy is to show up early to ensure that we can tackle any unplanned accidents (they can happen) that might throw off our schedule. Because of this, our setup & tear-down times are designed to accommodate lots of equipment & prompt scheduling.  Here's an average guide to give you an idea (*these are averages; each event has different needs): Small Events: 2 hour setup & 1.5 hour tear-down Medium Events: 2.5 hour setup & 2 hour tear-down Big Events: 3.5 hour setup & 2.5 hour tear-down   3. Can I Save Money By "Bundling" Services? As a general rule: the more services you avail of (DJ, MC, Lighting, Photo, Portraits, Video), the more bang you get for your buck.  This is because  our Professionals are trained to share responsibilities (Setup, Tear-down, etc.).   This shared responsibility means we can provide more services  for you with fewer Professionals (lower hourly billing). We strongly recommend you choose all or most services, to get the most bang for your buck.   4. What Is The Equipment Wear & Tear Surcharge? For DJ Equipment & Lighting setup, we charge a standard flat surcharge which covers the wear & tear that comes about from the usage & setup of our pro-level equipment.  It's not uncommon for gear to be damaged during an event.  This also covers the insurance premiums we must pay to insure our most expensive equipment. Not to worry though: these per-equipment surcharges are minimal, and will be clearly laid out on your invoice.   5. How Does Payment Work?  (Half-Payment & Final Payment) When you reserve a date with us, we block off this date for you, and we will refuse any other client (doesn't matter if it's the POTUS or the Pope).  Because of this we will usually require half-payment upfront.    This can be waived in some cases.   The final payment can be paid immediately following the event.  Photo & video payments can come later, due to post-editing, but do not get released until a final payment is received.   6. What Is Your Minimum Event Time? When we do an event, we usually will block off an entire day just for you.  Because of this, we need to make sure that your event can pay the bills.  So our minimum Total Event Time (including setup & tear-down)  is 7 hours.  Keep in mind that even if your event is shorter than that it still can take us extra time to setup & tear-down. Not to worry though: If your total event time (including setup/tear-down) is less than 7 hours, we can stick around and get some extra photos, portraits & videos for you.  We can also put more hours into pre-meetings & rehearsals.  Heck, we might even give you a back massage to fill the time.   7. Do I Need To Tip? We do not accept tips.  Our Professionals give the best service possible, without expectation of tip.   8. Will I Be Charged Sales Tax? Service businesses, like ours, do not pay sales on services rendered.  However, please keep in mind that any physical product transferred to you will be assessed the going Nevada/Clark County Sales Tax rate.  It's the law.