Las Vegas Photo Booth

Portrait Booth

What is a Portrait Booth?

A Portrait Booth is a professional photography studio that we setup at your event.  We use it to take studio-quality portraits of you and your guests.

This is not to be confused with a plain ol’  Las Vegas Photo Booth, which is usually just a box, connected to a webcam that takes small, low-quality photos.

For a Portrait Booth, you get:

  1. Professional Photographer (not a box)
  2. Studio Lighting
  3. Pro-level HD camera
  4. Custom Backdrops
  5. Photo Prints on-location  (optional)
  6. Touchups & Airbrushing


Greenscreen Portrait Booth

Greenscreen Portrait Booth

One of our more popular requests; we put a “Live” background image of your choice behind your guests’ photo (like the TV weather guy). This is a fun & extremely entertaining option, usually selected by party planners that want a fun theme (Halloween party, birthdays, etc.).

Studio Portrait Booth

You get the same high-quality photos that you would get in a normal studio.  The difference is, we bring the Studio to you.  This option is usually selected for formal events (weddings, proms, business conventions, etc.).


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